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Postdoc, Robomechanics Lab, Carnegie Mellon University

Postdoc, GRASP, University of Pennsylvania 2020-2023


Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania 2014-2020

B.S, Biology, Drexel University 2010-2014

Explorer's Club Member: 2020-

I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher working with Aaron Johnson. My research interests include: 

  1. The evolution of dynamic behavior capabilities in extinct tetrapods

  2. The role of the vertebral column in dynamic behaviors in both extinct animals and robots

  3. The intersection of paleobiology and bio-inspired robotics.

I blend a rigorous background in evolution and anatomy with physical and computational modeling to investigate locomotion of stem tetrapods to inspire robotic design

Photo credit:Lamont Abrams, University of Pennsylvania.

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